The Best Rollators

1 Drive Nitro Rollator Check it out
2 Let’s Go Out rollator Check it out
3 NRS Healthcare 3-wheeled Tri-Walker Check it out
4 Days Deluxe Lightweight rollator Check it out
5 Elite Care Hybrid 2 in 1 Rollator Walking Frame Check it out

Our top picks of the best rollators

Remember that if you have been diagnosed with a long-term illness, a disability or mobility issues you are entitled to VAT relief on products such as rollators and wheelchairs. This is a saving of 20% off the price of the kit you need to make your life easier and happier. 

Drive Nitro Rollator

  • The Drive Nitro rollator has 4 wheels 
  • Lightweight – constructed from aluminium
  • Can be folded as is, no need to remove anything
  • Compact, so easy to store and transport
  • Exceptional manoeuvrability 
  • The Drive rollator has a neat, stylish design 
  • Adjustable handles
  • Comfortable adjustable backrest
  • A device on the back wheels to aid with mounting kerbs 
  • Removable storage bag
  • Designed for maximum stability when pushing and sitting.

Let’s Go Out rollator

  • A lightweight rollator that is great for travelling 
  • Cross folding device which makes it super small and portable 
  • Will stand by itself when folded
  • Large front wheels on a spring mechanism so very good going up kerbs and around obstacles 
  • Height adjustable, soft and hand-shaped handles
  • Fancy faux-leather seat which is both comfortable and wipeable if it rains
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to use, lockable brakes 
  • Removable, sturdy storage bag. 

NRS Healthcare 3-wheeled Tri-Walker

  • The NRS 3-Wheel Rollator features a strong, height adjustable steel frame and puncture-proof wheels
  • Provides extra support when standing and added stability when walking both indoors and outdoors; Three wheels allow for easier turning
  • Comes with a bag, basket and removable tray, making it ideal for shopping & all kinds of uses
  • Handle Height: 83 – 93cm (32.75 – 36.75 Inch). Max User Weight: 125kg (20stone)
  • Dimensions: Overall Width: 660mm (26 inch); Overall Depth: 690mm (27¼ inch)
  • Easy to use brakes; Stylish blue colour

Days Deluxe Lightweight rollator

  • Folds easily to just 28 cm/11 inch wide in a standing position, making it easy to store and transport. Can also be folded inwards when in use
  • Folds neatly into a compact size. When completely folded down it measures just 66 cm/26 inch high, 28 cm/11 inch wide, 39 cm/15.25 inch deep
  • The lightweight (only 7 kg) design aluminium 4 wheel walker is very easy to manoeuvre, indoor or outdoor use with a weight capacity of 130 kg/20.5 stone
  • Height adjustable with 5 height settings at 25 mm/1 inch intervals, simple to use loop push lockable parking brakes and comfortable contoured handles
  • Supplied complete with a build in rest with canvas backrest, net carry bag and a walking stick holder as standard
  • Folds easily to just 28 cm/11 inch wide in a standing position, making it easy to store and at a working height ready to use
  • Folds neatly into a compact size for easier storage and transport

Elite Care Hybrid 2 in 1 Rollator Walking Frame

  • Primarily a folding rollator this unique product can be converted to a transport wheelchair by simply flipping the backrest over and attaching the footrests to the front.
  • Comes with easily removable shopping bag. Larger 20cm castors for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Comfortable mesh seat Height adjustable handles with soft comfortable hand grips.
  • Easy to use brakes which both slow the rollator down and can be locked on.
  • The sturdy backrest simply flips over from front to back when using the Hybrid in transit wheelchair mode.When in rollator mode the footrests can be put in the bag or swung around to the side and clipped in place. Simple assembly, no tools required.

Why rollators are a great idea

For people who may have confidence issues in their balance and stability, a rollator is a fantastic aid to walking. A rollator can bring independence back into the life of someone who can walk but who needs support, reassurance and a place to rest for short periods.

Why choose a rollator over a walker

  • A rollator with three or four wheels allows for a smoother mode of walking, a natural gait and the chance of walking at a quicker pace 
  • Walkers restrict movement to a step, lift, place, step pattern which can be tiring and repetitive 
  • A rollator will conserve energy because it requires fewer arm movements 
  • Rollators often come with a seat so that a quick moment of rest and recovery is immediately available.

The importance of buying the correct rollator for your height

The height of the handles and seat on your rollator will have a big impact on your comfort and health. Stooping over too short handles or having to hoist yourself into a too-high seat will be detrimental to your physical wellbeing. 

This discomfort will eventually make it onerous to use a piece of kit that is meant to make your life easier and happier. 

Most rollators will have adjustability on the handle and seat but if you are particularly tall or petite, it’s a good idea to take a lot of time in researching the best rollator for your height. Some retailers will sell rollators specific to you in terms of the weight and design of the product as well as the height. 

The benefits of a rollator wheelchair

A 2-in-1 rollator and transit chair is perfect for a person who is happy and confident to walk part of the time but who may get tired at the end of a long day out. 

A rollator/wheelchair combination is much more comfortable than a rollator that only has very simple rests to sit and lean back on. A combo will come with footrests and a full-size seat. 

The wheelchair will need to be pushed by an attendant and will be most suited to short journeys on smooth terrain. 

Rollator features that are important to consider. 

Number of wheels

A 4-wheel rollator will feel more stable outdoors. Having two wheels at the front will make turning wide corners smoother and more controlled. The shape of the frame on a 4-wheel rollator and its larger size will lend itself to a good size seat, backrest and storage. 

3-wheel rollators will have manoeuvrability around tight corners and people. They will be lighter, smaller and therefore more portable and easier to store and transport. 


A 4-wheeled rollator with seat should suit the height and weight of the person who will be using it. Taller, heavier people will need a wider seat that can safely take their weight. Most standard rollator walker with seat models can hold up to 136kg and specialist rollators can take up to 226kg. 


Hopefully, your rollator will give you enough confidence to take short (or long!) walks alone. A good-sized shopping bag attached to the frame will be the perfect place to store your purse/wallet, phone, keys and any shopping. Juggling carrier bags or a handbag while walking may make you off balance and struggling to steer or brake. 

A rollator walker with seat and basket is the perfect combination for independent trips to the paper shop or further afield. 


The handles on your rollator should be ergonomic and made from soft material so that they are comfortable to grip. The height of those handles needs to be in line with your wrists. Look for rollators which have adjustable handles. 


Easy to use, good quality brakes are vital as they can save you from a fall or damage happening to your rollator. Brakes that also feature a locking device are important as they will prevent the rollator from moving forward when you are resting in either a standing or seated position. 

Height adjustability

Having the handles and seat at the correct height will make your life much easier and more comfortable. Try out several rollators before purchase to make sure that they suit your height and body shape. 


Hopefully, your rollator will give you the confidence and independence to go out and explore. A lightweight rollator that is easy to fold up and transport will be a great advantage when using public transport and storing it in the boot of your car. A folding rollator with a seat would be the perfect option for a holiday as, if small enough, can go in the hold of an aeroplane. 


Consider the strength of your upper body. Your rollator will, at some point, need to be lifted over a kerb, away from uneven ground or onto a bus. 

A lighter rollator will also be easier to lift, fold and place in the boot of a car. Make sure that the friends and family who will be helping you are also able to manage the weight.  

Material of the rollator frame

The material that your rollator is made from should be robust. It needs to be light enough to be easy to move and sturdy enough to stand up to rigorous and long-term use.

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