The Best Incontinence Pads for Men

1 Tena Men’s Incontinence pants – Active Fit Check it out
2 Depend ‘Comfort Protect’ Incontinence Pants for Men Check it out
3 Molicare Premium Mobile Incontinence Pants Check it out
4 Age UK Maxi Absorb Pads Check it out
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If you, or someone close to you, is struggling with the issue of male incontinence, then we’re here to assist with a guide to the products that can make life easier and happier. 

Incontinence pads for men are an item which many don’t even know exist until they need them. Happily, men’s incontinence pads can help a gentleman to regain his confidence, enjoy a social life and worry less about the inconvenience of his condition. 

Our shopping guide to the best men’s incontinence pants and pads

The best incontinence underwear for men very much depends on the individual. To make sure the choice doesn’t seem overwhelming, we’ve created this handy guide with the most highly rated men’s incontinence pads UK retailers sell.

Allanda Incontinence is a trusted brand in the U.S. When looking for incontinence aids for men in the U.K you will find that ‘Tena’ and ‘Depend’ are the equivalent in the quality and reliability of men’s incontinence products. 

Incontinence pants for men

Tena Men’s Incontinence pants – Active Fit

  • These won’t feel like you’re wearing nappies for men. They are male incontinence pants created to give the wearer the best fit possible.
  • High absorbency – feel safe and secure from leaks 
  • Targeted absorbency for increased effectiveness
  • A masculine style – fits a man’s specific shape
  • Very discreet – no-one will know they aren’t standard pants 
  • Odour controlling fabric
  • Super comfortable to wear. 
  • Can also be purchases in ‘Premium Fit’

Depend ‘Comfort Protect’ Incontinence Pants for Men

  • The fit of these is fantastic and you will feel confident and supported throughout the day and night 
  • The fabric is so soft you will forget you’re wearing them 
  • A super discreet fit that will sit snugly under any type of trousers or shorts 
  • Channels in the core allow for fast absorption
  • Odour eliminating filters mean that there are no worries 
  • Designed specifically for a man’s shape
  • The waistband looks just like a pair of neutral grey pants so if they are seen no-one will know! 
  • The ‘overnight’ guarantee means the wearer can have a peaceful night of slumber without worrying about damaging the mattress or bedding
  • The fabric fits snug to the waist and legs and is ‘rustle free’ just like cotton underwear.

Molicare Premium Mobile Incontinence Pants

  • Fit just like standard underwear
  • The sides tear open so you can remove them without faff
  • Can fit both men and women and are suitable for people who like to live an active life
  • Soft fabric for a comfy fit 
  • Superior leakage protection
  • A clever coloured stripe at the front which indicates when it’s time to change
  • Comes in three sizes and different levels of protection
  • Breathable fabric

Age UK Maxi Absorb Pads

  • These Age UK incontinence pads are made from a breathable fabric
  • Sturdy waterproof backing to prevent leaking and wetness
  • Very absorbent for peace of mind and a worry-free day
  • Excellent at controlling odour 
  • No latex – a great option of men’s pads for allergy sufferers
  • A wider fit and shorter length – proven to give a better fit

Tena pads for men

  • These Tena male pads are in ‘Level 3’ which is one of the brand’s higher levels of protection
  • Can be bulk bought to save on the overall cost
  • Tena men’s incontinence pads are for men who experience moderate urine loss throughout the day
  • Shaped to fit the body so they are supremely easy to wear. They are the best incontinence pads UK retailers sell in terms of softness and comfort. 
  • Men’s sanitary pads don’t have to be bulky, at an incredible 11mm thick these are very subtle
  • Offer a highly absorbent core that allows you to enjoy a carefree day free from leaks
  • These Tena men’s pads have odour controlling fabric for peace of mind
  • A robust, water-proof backing.

Depend Guards for Men

  • Individually wrapped which can be tucked into a pocket, backpack or briefcase 
  • A high level of absorbency to protect from big leaks 
  • The cup like shape fits close to the body to prevent a bulky feel
  • A waterproof backing with a tough adhesive strip that keeps the pad securely in place
  • Quick and easy to dispose of in a sanitary bin
  • The pads are flexible, so they suit the active man 
  • Odour control technology 

Why might a man need male incontinence products?

The demand for male incontinence aids is higher than you would imagine. Men of all ages can suffer with incontinence and there are myriad reasons why it might occur. 

Types of incontinence in men

Urge incontinence is brought on by the bladder contracting at the wrong time. This then causes a sudden and uncontrollable need to urinate. Sometimes it is impossible to get to the loo on time. 

Stress incontinence is when a movement of the body, for example lifting, coughing, bending or sneezing, places pressure on the bladder and causes leakage. 

Overflow incontinence happens when, because of a medical condition, you are unable to completely drain your bladder. This causes leaks unexpectedly when your bladder overflows. 

Conditions that may cause incontinence in men

  • An enlarged prostate 
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Diabetes 
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Surgery on the bladder or prostate
  • Obesity
  • An over-active bladder – this can develop for no real medical reason and isn’t fully understood by Doctors. 

What might irritate the bladder and exacerbate incontinence?

Pay attention to the food and drink you have consumed prior to a particularly bad bout of incontinence. It may help you to control or anticipate your symptoms in future. 

  • Pop and other carbonated drinks. 
  • Caffeine 
  • Alcohol – can upset the bladder and also has an unhelpful diuretic effect
  • Spicy food
  • Acidic food
  • Chocolate 
  • Artificial sweeteners

What to look for when buying incontinence products for men

There are two main types of men’s incontinence products and it’s a good idea to try both to discover which suits you best. 

These are NOT male nappies! Men’s incontinence aids are designed to be discreet and effective. No one will know you’re wearing anything different to ordinary underwear and you should be able to forget you have them on. 

Men’s incontinence pants 


A man’s pads for leakage of urine can be as discreet as his standard underwear. Look for material that will sit neatly under trousers. 

  • Smooth fabric
  • Well-designed leg holes
  • A neutral colour such as light grey or charcoal
  • As thin a fabric as your incontinence needs will allow. You will be surprised at how much fluid a thin, technical fabric will hold
  • Comfortable. If you’re shuffling and adjusting all the time you will draw attention to the problem

Easy to put on and take off

  • Men’s pull up incontinence pants will have lots of elasticity in the fabric to make getting dressed stress free. Some pants will have the ‘waffle effect’ material throughout the garment, others will just have it at the sides. 
  • Men’s disposable incontinence pants should be easy to remove without mess and a cinch to roll up and dispose of quickly. Many kinds will have sides that are easy to tear. 
  • Purchasing the correct size will aid with both issues but, just like a pair of briefs, some styles and brands simply don’t suit your body shape. 

A good fit

  • Clothes size – The pants will come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, or a combination of two sizes such as Small/Medium. These relate to trousers sizes so when you’re shopping, choose the size that is closest to the waist measurement of your favourite jeans. 
  • Movement – men’s incontinence pants usually come in ‘Comfort’ and ‘Active Fit’. Most men would choose to wear an active pair during the day and the comfort at night. 


  • There are different levels of absorbency. Choose depending on how frequently you experience incontinence. 
  • Some pants are designed with a higher level of absorbency to see you through a good night’s sleep undisturbed. 
  • Lower absorbencies tend to be thinner and are therefore more discreet. They may need to be changed more frequently. 

Male incontinence pads


  • Pads for men come in different thicknesses to suit different extremes of incontinence and when they will be worn. 
  • You’ll often find different levels of protection are announced on the packaging alongside a water droplet pictogram to help you understand how well the pads will protect against leaks.
  • The ‘Depend’ brand offers man pads in two sizes. The ‘Guard’ size is thicker and could be worn during the night. The ‘Shield’ option is thinner and is more of a ‘just in case measure. 

Size and shape 

  • Large incontinence pads are likely to be used as night-time protection as they help preventing leaks for longer. 
  • Pay attention to the fit. It may sound silly but a pad that has an ergonomic ‘cupping’ design could be the difference between a fun day out and an excruciating day feeling totally uncomfortable. 

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