The Best Bariatric Commode Chairs

1 XWZJY Bariatric wheelchair commode and shower chair Check it out
2 Homecraft bariatric commode stool with wheels Check it out
3 Patterson heavy duty static bariatric commode Check it out
4 Homecraft Static Wicker Commode Chair Check it out
5 Aidapt Super Lightweight Folding Commode Check it out
6 Elite Care Glideabout Wheeled Commode chair Check it out

Our recommendations for the best portable commode in the U.K

If you search the internet for ‘commodes U.K’ you might find yourself overwhelmed by the number of commodes for sale on a variety of different websites. 

Don’t be daunted! If you do a little research and heed our advice, you’re well placed to make a great decision. 

The commodes to buy in the U.K have been comprehensively researched and we are glad to provide you with a guide to the best you can buy. 

XWZJY Bariatric wheelchair commode and shower chair

This versatile wheeled commode chair can be used a standalone toilet, a safety rail for an existing loo, as an elevated toilet seat or a wet room chair

The maximum weight limit is 180kg

The width of the chair 45.5cm

  • Can be folded for convenient transport and storing
  • Lightweight in comparison to other bariatric commodes
  • Sturdy and robust materials and construction make this a long lasting, trustworthy wheeled commode
  • Non skid rubber caps on the end of each leg give extra stability
  • The arm rests feel comfortable on the skin but have a secure grip that provides traction when getting in and out of the chair
  • The comode pan is large and easy to empty. It has a carry handle and a lid. 
  • The castors are durable and resistant to buckling. They can be locked to keep the chair steady.

Homecraft bariatric commode stool with wheels

This is an excellent 2 in 1 option that can be used as commode, toilet seat frame or shower aid. Supportive and sturdy for confidence and independence.

It comes in two width options.

One of the best commodes UK retailers offer.

  • Arm rests help the user to lower and raise themselves
  • Comfortable and strong backrest
  • Loo roll holder included so convenience
  • Footrest allows the chair to be pushed more easily but can also be removed in a moment
  • Generously sized square pan that is a cinch to remove and empty
  • The wheels have a smooth movement and are fully lockable
  • Made from long lasting stainless steel
  • Easy to clean and wipe down.

Patterson heavy duty static bariatric commode

Extra wide commode 

Medical grade heavy duty commode for a robust chair.

A stationary chair which can provide more stability than wheeled versions.

  • Optimum materials and design have created a high-quality product
  • Anti-bacterial and wipe clean back rest and over seat
  • The over seat provides a comfortable place to perch and a discreet pan cover
  • Clip on, clip off seat and pan 
  • Adjustable seat height for extra versatility.

Homecraft Static Wicker Commode Chair

Discreet and convenient commode

This is a discreet and stylish option that would suit the look of most bedrooms and/or lounges.

The woven fabric of the chair and the plastic of the loo seat and pan can be wiped clean in moments.

  • The back support is supportive but flexible for the ultimate in lower body comfort
  • A vinyl pad is provided to cover the commode pan and provide a place to rest
  • This chair ways a mere 7kg and can support up to 160kg 
  • Boasts a design that is ergonomic throughout, this makes it consistently comfortable 
  • The pan is constructed from durable plastic and it can be removed easily
  • A fold away handle is provided to make the journey to empty it much simpler.

Aidapt Super Lightweight Folding Commode

Great value, simple and light commode stool

This chair weighs an amazing 4.5kg but can still be used by someone of up to 130kg

Superb for travel or occasional use

  • The commode pan is extra deep with a seven-litre capacity
  • The pan is quick and uncomplicated to remove even with the user still in situ 
  • It has a soft and flexible back rest that can be wiped clean
  • Can be folded flat for transport and neat storage.

Elite Care Glideabout Wheeled Commode chair

Comfortable and easy to move commode chair

This chair has manoeuvrable wheels with locks on the back two for stability

This chair can function as a seat frame over a standard toilet. It is slim enough to fit in most bathrooms

Suitable for a person who weighs up to 16 stone.

  • The seat is padded to offer a superior level of comfort
  • Padded and comfy arm rests are comfortable but can also be used as a support for getting in and out of the chair. They can me moved out of the way to aid side transfers
  • The 5 litre capacity pan can be lifted out quickly and emptied easily
  • The soft vinyl over seat means the chair can be used as a light and foldable travel wheelchair 
  • Constructed from powder coated steel that is strong, resistant to corrosion and hygienic
  • Swing away footrests for comfort and practicality 
  • The gliding wheels and push bar mechanism make this easy to push for most carers

What is a commode and why choose a bariatric toilet chair? 

A bariatric commode is designed to take a much heavier weight than standard commodes for elderly people and those with mobility issues. 

  • A bariatric wheelchair commode can be used by people who are over 300 Ibs (136kg) and up to 600Ibs (272kg) in weight. 
  • In comparison to a commode for elderly people this type of product will be wider and easier to manoeuvre. 
  • They will often come with a drop arm to allow for easy transfer from a wheelchair or hospital bed. 
  • The wheels and overall construction of a bariatric portable commode toilet will be more robust and hard wearing. 

The different types of commode chairs 

A mobile commode

  • A portable commode toilet is designed to be easily moved and pushed around. 
  • They will be lightweight. 
  • A bariatric commode with wheels will have 4 swivel wheels than can glide over all types of flooring. 
  • The pan will be removable so the individual can be wheeled over a conventional toilet. 
  • It can also be used as a shower chair in a wet room for easy and private bathing. 
  • You can even get a portable car toilet that is super simple to store in the car boot for emergencies

A static commode

  • A static commode armchair does not have any wheels but can still be lifted and carried from room to room. 
  • You could have a separate unit for different rooms in the home. A bedside commode would be useful for the middle of the night or early morning. 
  • The legs of this type of toilet/commode need to be splayed so that they provide ample stability. 
  • This type of commode is good for people who can transfer themselves off and onto the chair as solid feet feel much more reliable. 
  • The pan will be removable and supplied with a lid and handle. 

The pros and cons of using a commode toilet in your home

  • Commodes for the elderly and people with disabilities usually act as a secondary toilet. A patient who is recovering from a big operation will have used a hospital commode so may find a portable toilet for bedroom use very useful. 
  • Bathroom seating like this can give back someone’s confidence, self-esteem and independence. There is no longer the worry of having to rush upstairs to the loo when a toilet chair for disabled people is in situ. 
  • A good commode should provide stability and comfort in a space other than the bathroom. 
  • Transference is easier to a commode is easier as there won’t be the space restriction there would be in a bathroom. 
  • They are a great idea for people who have a bathroom that is too small to accommodate a wheelchair. 
  • A commode is a much cheaper option than re-modelling a bathroom. 
  • If you hate the utilitarian look of most commodes. You can buy a wicker commode or one that looks like normal furniture. 
  • There is no hiding from the lack of privacy involved if you need help from a caregiver. However, if you choose a chair with the right features, the process will be quicker, easier and more dignified. 
  • The pan needs to be lightweight and easy to remove when full. To help with odour control it’s important it is emptied immediately and without spillage. 

The features of commodes you need to focus on 

When you buy commode furniture it’s important to think about the specific needs of the individual who will be using it. There are a several clever, useful and essential features that you need to consider before making the final purchase of your toilet commode. 

A folding mechanism

Folding commodes for elderly people who visit your home can be stored easily and neatly until they are needed. 

Think about the weight, size and height of the person using the commod

  • Seat width
  • Weight limit
  • Height adjustability of the back rest 
  • Length of the arm rests
  • Length of the leg supports 
  • Positioning of the footrests 


  • A commode chair with wheels is vital for ease of movement and positioning. 
  • Commodes on wheels may have a brake and should roll effortlessly over all types of floor.


A light travel commode is a fantastic idea for holidays and regular transitioning between different rooms and floor levels. 


The back support, arm rests and footrests should be adjustable and/or removable. These features can be vital to comfort and the ease of transition into and out of the chair. 

Seat belt 

If the user has little control over their torso, a harness is an important safety device. 


  • A Stainless steel comod will last longer than plastic, but it will be heavier. 
  • A wicker commode chair and is an option and will match seamlessly with other bathroom wicker furniture such as the laundry basket. It will also sit discreetly in a living room. 

Easy to clean 

  • The commode pan needs to be simple to remove, easy to carry and easy to empty. 
  • A smooth wipe clean surface that can handle regular sanitisation is a wise choice. 

Should you buy or hire a commode?

Why hire a commode? 

  • Commode hire is a good short-term option for someone who has just come out of hospital but will soon recover enough not to need commode furniture. 
  • Hiring also means you can try comodes out before investing in your own. 

Why buy a commode toilet chair? 

  • Commodes for hire have been used by someone else which can be off-putting. Of course, they will have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, but it is still good to know that your bottom is the first to sit on the seat of your new chair commode. 
  • We would conclude that if you are caring for a relative in the long term then the best option is to buy the commode chair your loved one requires. 

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