The best non-spill cups for adults and the elderly

1 The Life Healthcare with Easy-grip Handles and Non-Splash Spout Check it out
2 Ornamin non spill mug Check it out
3 Bayliss Mobility plastic feeding cup with two spout options Check it out
4 Homecraft clear shatter-proof, no spill mug Check it out
5 NRS Healthcare Easy Drink Check it out

The differences between non spill cups for adults and a non-spill cup elderly people might find useful aren’t  necessarily huge. 

All drinking aids are carefully designed to promote the independence of those with additional needs or reduced capabilities. The trick is to identify what kind of cup would be the most appropriate. 

Your Granny who loves a tipple but who also lives with Parkinson’s may love the idea of a non spill wine glass. Whereas a disabled friend might need a cup that allows them to drink tea independently without choking or dropping the cup, then you would choose from the range of plastic mugs with handles on each side, a secure lid and multi-flow spout. 

If you are struggling to decide what is best, this useful article will take you through the best non spill cup choices. 

A handy shopping guide to the ultimate anti spill cup and disabled drinking aids

From cups with straws and lids to a two handled mug that can be sipped, there are lots of options on the UK market. The right choice depends on the specific needs of the individual but here are our recommendations. 

The Life Healthcare with Easy-grip Handles and Non-Splash Spout

A great value non spill beaker with great flexibility of use with or without the lid or spout depending on circumstances and the user’s individual needs. 

  • The size of this double handed mug is generous, so you don’t have to keep re-filling it.
  • Super tough construction that makes this non spill sippy cup virtually indestructible. 
  • It can be cleaned at hot temperatures in the dishwasher.
  • This robust 2 handled cup can be placed in the microwave
  • The style and material mean it can be sterilised in strong solution for an extra safe clean.
  • This unspillable mug is great for travel as it can be sealed with the lid. 
  • It is ideal to be used for both warm and cool drinks.
  • It has a wide stable base so ‘putting down’ is easier and it’s harder to knock it over. 
  • Plastic cups with handles like this one are simple to grasp either round the body of the cup or by the two large, easy to hold handles. 

Ornamin non spill mug – insulating with a small opening for controlled drinking

Top no spill cup. The bold bright colours and design make it look less like a ‘medical’ cup. This helps the user feel less like they ‘stand out’ when they use it. Looks just like a non spill coffee cup you might buy from a high street shop.

  • The spouted lid makes drinking without help easier. 
  • The mug is conical shaped inside which helps with drinking when lying down. 
  • Insulated so that hot drinks stay warmer for people who take longer to drink. 
  • Ergonomic handle for ease and security of hold.
  • The cup is super lightweight.
  • Constructed from sturdy BPA free plastic so it is virtually break-proof. 

Bayliss Mobility plastic feeding cup with two spout options

Great anti spill mug. Supplied with two choices of spout – narrow and wide.

  • A large capacity so the need to re-fill frequently is reduced. 
  • Has graduations of volume on the side so it’s simple to keep track of the amount being drunk. 
  • The small hole on the spout makes it easy to control the flow of fluid. 
  • Dishwasher safe for hygienic cleaning. 
  • This simple adult beaker is made from robust and durable plastic. 

Homecraft clear shatter-proof, no spill mug

Clever spill proof mug. The spout on this no spill mug is fab at assisting with drinking. There are few drinking cups for disabled adults that don’t have a double handle. The large single handle on this design is easy to grip and pour for people with limited strength.

  • Sometimes a 2 handled mug can be cumbersome – this is a fantastic option for people who want to grasp their drinking vessel with their whole hand. 
  • A recessed spill proof lid helps to avoid leaks and splashes. 
  • The graduations on the side help keep a check of hydration levels. 
  • Large capacity so re-fills are less frequent. 
  • This no spill sippy cup has a discreet, clear design. 
  • Flexibility of use with a choice of lids that help with different ways of drinking. 
  • The mug itself is dishwasher and microwave safe but the lids are not.
  • A drinking cup with spout that is constructed from super tough and long-lasting materials.

NRS Healthcare Easy Drink

No spill cup for adults with extremely restricted mobility. Plastic cup with lid and straw functionality – one of the best disability cups for people who cannot fully sit up.

  • This is one of the best cups for disabled adults who need to drink without sitting up fully. 
  • It’s also great for people who can’t tip their heads back to drink.
  • One of the few drinking cups with lids for specific use with a standard bendy straw (but the bendy bit needs to be inside the cup for ease of drinking).
  • This drinking cup with straw can be used with both hot and cold drinks. 
  • A good size at 200 ml. Not too heavy but doesn’t need lots of re-filling. 
  • Made from excellent quality long-lasting materials.

Why might a non spill beaker be a good idea?

For the disabled, drinking cups that help them to sip a comforting cup of tea by themselves is a small act of independence that can be life changing. For carers, safe and sturdy drinking cups for the elderly relatives they care for will make a huge difference to the ease of their days. 

Limited co-ordination

Sippy cups for adults with co-ordination challenges should be difficult to break, easy to hold and lightweight. 

Struggles with controlling movement such a shaking 

Spill proof cups for elderly men and women who have tremors should have a secure lid, and large double handles. 

Difficulty moving the head and neck. 

An adult drinking cup with a spout that controls the flow of fluid will prevent sputtering and choking. It’s also a great idea to find a cup that can be emptied without having to tip the head back too far. 

Someone who is bed bound 

Drinking cups with lids and straws are ideal for anyone who must stay in bed and can’t sit up fully. The lids and hole for the straw should be anti-leak and the cup needs to be lightweight and easy to hold. 

Problems with lifting the arms 

Cups for elderly people who have weakness in their arms will benefit from a light cup with large, easy to grip handle(s) which make it easy to pour. 

Poor motor control in the hand and fingers. 

Look for an unspillable cup that is easy to grasp between the palms of both hands. A lid that is easy to remove will support their levels of independence too. 

What to look for in non spill drinking cups for the elderly and other adults 

Finding a non spill cup adults will be happy to use is sometimes tricky. The ‘look’ of two handled cups for adults can be as important as how life enhancing and helpful they are. 


Older people who have previously enjoyed complete independence often resent the need for what they see as an ‘adult sippy cup’. Present a proud man with something that looks like a non spill cup for toddlers and you are likely to receive a negative reaction. 

Instead, find a plastic mug with handle that could easily have been purchased in Costa Coffee or Starbucks. A cup that doesn’t stand out and make the user feel self-conscious or ‘other’ will make a big difference to levels of confidence and self esteem. 


Plastic is a turn off for some and a ceramic mug with lid and handle may be a good choice for someone with adequate strength but diminished motor skills. However, a plastic cup will inevitably be lighter. 


Non spill cups with handles make the transition from table to mouth much simpler and less messy. The ability to grip large, grooved handles with two hands massively increases stability. 

This doesn’t mean that a no handled mug is a bad idea. For the right person ‘grabbing’ a wide vessel between the palms will be much easier. 


Drinking cups with lids for elderly people often also provide the option to drink without them on. Some conditions can present symptoms on one day but not the next, so this level of flexibility is vital. 

A spill proof cup must have a good seal around the lid but still be easy to remove. However, don’t assume that all mugs with lids will be spill proof when dropped.


While a ceramic mug with two handles and a good wide base may be the preferred choice of a lady who hates the thought of drinking her Earl Grey out of plastic drinking cups, they are clearly the least fragile option. 

Always respect the autonomy and dignity of the person you’re caring for while also presenting them with alternative, practical options. 


Drinking beakers for the elderly that hold in the heat (or cold) are wonderful. They keep the tea hot for longer so there’s no need to rush or hurry their movements. 

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