Best Car Seat Back Support

1 Halfords beaded car seat back support cushion Check it out
2 ‘Feagar’ Lumbar Support Check it out
3 ‘Posturite’ Coccyx Cut Out Cushion Check it out
4 Far Win Height Adjustable and Ergonomic Back Cushion Check it out
5 ‘Medipaq’ half-moon back support Check it out

Car seat lumbar support is important for anyone who spends lots of time driving or who suffers from any kind of back pain. 

Most of us have spent hours shuffling in our car seats praying for the end of the traffic jam or our arrival at the beautiful holiday home we’ve booked. A car seat back rest is a great purchase just before an epic trip to the coast. 

Spare a thought for the long-distance lorry drivers and delivery guys who must suffer for days and hours at a time. Chronic back pain can have a real impact on time off sick and having fun on days off. 

Even the most luxurious of cars, those that come with fancy, butter soft leather seats and engineered back rests, won’t be a comfortable ride for people with sciatica, tail bone bruising or general back ache.

The best back support for driving – our guide

Our shopping guide is based on car seat lumbar support reviews and our own testing. So, if you’re in need of life changing in car back support then read on!

Halfords beaded car seat back support cushion for car journeys in comfort

If you’re looking for car lumbar support Halfords’ best seller is a brilliant choice. It’s an updated version of the old school beaded car seats cushions that have been popular for years. 

  • Super comfortable support for long car journeys. 
  • It is easy to fit with highly adjustable straps. 
  • The nifty non-slip backing really clings to your car seat, so it stays in place on both fabric and leather car seats. 
  • It’s one of the best seat cushions for allowing air circulation and keeping you cool. 

‘Feagar’ Lumbar Support for driving

This has some of the best car seat lumbar support reviews UK Amazon has ever had posted. 

  • Designed to relieve pain in the spine, the upper, the middle and the lower back. It also helps with sciatica and coccyx pain. 
  • It has a clever ergonomic design to encourage the correct alignment of the spine and improve unhelpful posture. 
  • There are two sturdy, adjustable straps that keep the cushion securely in place. 
  • The breathable fabric is easily removable and washable. 
  • Lumbar support car cushions aren’t often made of memory foam and this is one of them. It means that it’s soft, comfy and will ping back into shape. 
  • This car seat lumbar support cushion can be used in lots of different situations such as office chairs, wheelchairs and long bus or train journeys. 

‘Posturite’ Coccyx Cut Out Cushion

This is a car back support cushion as well as a vital tool to ease tail bone pain. It’s not cheap but the quality and engineering of the item makes it worth the price. 

  • It creates a pelvic tilt that helps reduce all kinds of pains and aches as well as aligning the spine for optimum posture. 
  • The wedge ensures that your hips are higher than your knees and that alleviates any strain on the legs and small of the back. 
  • Looking for the best lumbar support for car journeys after a coccyx injury? This is the back-support car cushion for you! It has a perfectly positioned cut out for comfortable driving. 
  • The fabric is soft brushed velour and is super simple to remove and wash. 
  • An ergonomic contoured surface makes this the best lumbar support for prevention of general back ache. 

Far Win Height Adjustable and Ergonomic Back Cushion for Car Journeys

This fab product is highly rated and great value. 

  • We loved the height adjustable feature of this lumbar support car seat cushion and it can be altered to fit your body and car seat exactly. 
  • The vented fabric makes sure you don’t overheat or sweat while driving.
  • The springs in this unique back support for car driver comfort move independently with your changing position. 
  • The Far Win lumbar cushion for car seats allows for free movement so that stiffness is prevented. 
  • This lumbar support for car seat comfort is easy to attach to your car seat or office chair. 
  • The fabric is easily removable and washable.  

‘Medipaq’ half-moon back support for car driver, office worker or lorry driver

This neat little lower back support for car drivers who need specific support for the curve of their back is simple, cheap and loved by existing users. 

  • Place it in the gap between your lower back and the car seat for comfort and ease. 
  • It’s a product that is recommended by Doctors, Physios and chiropractors. 
  • Comes is a choice of colours. 
  • Machine washable, easily removable covers. 
  • Can be used to support knees while sleeping on your side, to lift ankles for better circulation and as a neck pillow on flights. 

Why does driving cause back pain? 

  • Many car seats don’t provide the correct amount of support. Lumbar support car seats are only available in the newest and most modern cars. 
  • Vibrations and jolts affect the spine. 
  • Long journeys place extra pressure on and compress the vertebrae and discs. 
  • Modern car seats tend to sit lower in the chassis and tilt back. This is bad for the hamstrings in your legs, makes you tilt your neck to look straight on and rolls the pelvis back. 
  • Manual cars cause issues with lumbar discs through the need to constantly press on the clutch. 

What to do to prevent and ease driving related back pain

  • Get comfortable in your seat before you begin driving – make it a priority, especially if you’re travelling a long way. 
  • Adjust your seat. If it is too far away from the wheel, you’ll feel neck and upper back pain.
  • Consider buying an automatic car to prevent the pain caused by constant gear changes. 
  • Alter the height of your steering wheel so that your arms are comfortably bent when in the 10 to 2 position. 
  • Take breaks during a long journey. Get out of the car, take a walk and stretch. 
  • Buy a back-support car seat cushion. 
  • Constantly adjust your posture when you’re driving. Your body will naturally slump forward in a car seat so be vigilant about how you sit. Eventually, correct posture will become habit and your neck and back pain will be eased. 
  • Relax as you drive. Tensing up will create and exacerbate aches and pains. It will be odd at first but try and practice leaning your head and neck back against the head rest. 
  • Use an ice pack tucked into the curve in the small of your back. This is best for shorter car journeys and existing pain. 

Why is it important to invest in car seat back support?

  • Back supports for driving prevent and ease pain. A healthy, pain free back is vital for a full life enjoying your hobbies, playing with your children and forging a successful career. 
  • Car seat support for back pain will allow you to safely and happily complete longer car journeys. This will save you money on train fares, flights and allow you to explore England’s cities and countryside. 
  • Car seat support implements provide the ideal driving position. If you drive a low-slung sports car the seat will tip you backwards and looking straight ahead will cause a crick in the neck. 
  • Lumbar support for car rides prevents and eases neck pain so buy a lumbar support cushion for car trips that take longer than an hour. 
  • A good back rest for car seats or a separate driving back support cushion will allow you to embark on a career in logistics or deliveries. 

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